Creating a Powerful Concept For Your Corporate Video

Creating a Powerful Concept For Your Corporate Video -

A five-step checklist for creating a powerful concept for your corporate film.

When you have decided that your business can benefit from video content, the first step in creating a successful corporate video is for the client to provide what is known as a concept. It may be a testimonial video a promotional video or training video but regardless, Concept Development is the first and most vital step in preproduction. The concept is basically the overarching idea you want your video to convey. It allows you to draft a strong script that reflects your corporate values and leads to the production of video content which will achieve your business goals.

Consider your audience
- a successful marketing video concept is not focused on the author, but considers the world from their prospective audience. Are they customers or employees and what you know about their demographics?

Know your goals
- what is the purpose of the video is it to boost sales? Do you want to provide information? What is the actual purpose in creating your video content?

- a collaborative process is always best when developing a concept. Gather a wide selection of staff and brainstorm the problems you might face. Gather the most diverse range of staff. Have them brainstorm ideas and problems related to the goals.

Narrow the field
- choose the best problems or ideas, the ones that are the most unique and creative but line them up with your goal for creating video content. Get responses from every member of the brainstorming group and answer the who, what, when, why, and how.

Refine your concept
- show some patience as you consolidate the information your brainstorming group has suggested. Take note of the similarities and differences in all the answers. You can discard the incomplete and counterproductive ideas but continue this process until you refine your message down to the concept.