How to Create A One Of A Kind Wedding Video

The twenty first century's technological advancements have allowed us the capabilities to customize pretty much anything and everything our hearts desire. This little fact has created endless possibilities for couples currently creating their dream weddings. In this day and age couples can customize everything from extravagant save-the-dates to one of a kind specialized monogram decor. The tech benefits do not stop at customizable envelopes, invitations and decor but rather spill into cultivating remarkably unique wedding videos as well. Below you will find four elegantly original wedding video styles to help you create your dream wedding.

How to Create A One Of A Kind Wedding Video -

1) Save-the-Date Video

Why not step away from the traditional save-the-date refrigerator photo magnet or picture postcard and step into the unique idea of sending a save-the-date video? This truly original idea will effortlessly convey your love story to your guests as well as the wonderful style of your wedding day. Plus, you can easily email a video these days or even burn multiple copies of a dvd. Whichever method you choose, a save-the-date video is sure to leave a great impression on your guests.

2) Love Story Video Introduction

Instead of the typical DJ announced newlywed introduction, how about trying a video love story introduction. This video would capture the essence of your love. You will have the opportunity to show your friends and family where, when, and how you and your partner fell in love. Plus you can create the video however you like. For example, you could create a music video, or a historical period piece, or even just a simple interview set up. A video introduction is not only extremely unique but highly entertaining and visually pleasing for your guests.

3) Same Day Event Video

As you and your partner get ready for the big day you will be separate. Wouldn't you like to see how your future husband or wife prepared? The same day event video allows you to capture each and every moment of you and your fiance's preparation process pre-ceremony. The suburban video team will same day record and edit your video in time for your reception where the video will be reviewed. This video makes for a great introduction or memorable ending to your beautiful celebration.

4) Slo-Mo Video Booth

The Slow motion Video Booth is a great way to spice up the traditional wedding video. Not only will you thoroughly enjoy watching the clips throughout your final wedding video but it will also bring an extra element of fun to your wedding. Plus, you have the option to edit these videos on the spot to view during the reception. Your guests are guaranteed to enjoy creating and viewing these cool and trendy video booths.