How to Generate ideas For Your YouTube Videos

In the book "Entrepreneur Magazines Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business", Jason Rich shows you how to master the secrets of successful YouTubers and put your brand, product or service in front of millions of potential viewers. Here's a list of questions you should attempt to answer to help you come up with ideas for your YouTube video.

Ideas for new YouTube videos can come from anywhere but look for inspiration in daily life and get ideas from friends etc. You can also watch different types of videos that have already been produced. You want your core concept to stand out and excite your audience. So be sure to be original, creative, interesting, thought-provoking, entertaining, informative and be of direct interest to your intended audience. If you search your competition you can find out how to do it better.

There is already so much content available from YouTube that coming up with unique ideas may be difficult. Try to focus on ways to set your ideas apart from what's already out there. You can use the currently popular videos as your inspiration but at a unique, original or compelling twist. Be sure you don't violate anyone else's copyrights, intellectual properties, or trademarks when you produce your own video.

How to Generate ideas For Your YouTube Videos CuttingEdgeVideo

Once you have a general idea about your overall goals, you have to find your audience, and outline your primary message; it's time to brainstorm ideas. For each idea ask yourself these questions.

Is my idea consistent with what I'm trying to accomplish on YouTube? What is the best approach to take with my idea within the video? Will my idea and my intended approach appealed to my intended audience? Do I have the skill, knowledge, and proper equipment to reduce the video on envisioning and do it well?

Can the video be produced within my budget, without compromising production quality? How do I want the audience to react to the video? What will be the call to action? How do I anticipate the audience will actually react to the video? Will watching this video entice the viewer to watch other videos already published or to make contact with me or my company?

Will someone watching the video be motivated to click on the" like" button and give it a good rating?

Does the video, it's message, and it's call to action and overall approach fit with what I'm already doing?

Make sure you ask yourself these questions as you go through the preproduction phase. In answering them you will often discover the need to fine tune your original ideas and align them more completely with your overall goals. As you evaluate your ideas you will often find more unusual and offbeat ways to present your content.

Bounce your ideas of other people especially creative ones that will help you consider things from a different perspective. If your goal is to launch a YouTube channel and populated with new videos develop a list that outlines concepts for your first ten videos. Make sure what you intend to do a sustainable and consistent with your brand. Ask yourself if you have great ideas for your first few videos, what will you do to maintain and build your audience several months or years down the road?