How to Make a Photo Collage

How to Make a Photo Collage -

Life brings great moments and a camera is still the best tool used to capture them. But if you want to show the beginning of your story, spotlight the key events of your wedding, vacation or a family event consider making a photo collage. In fact, every moment of your life can be a good idea for a photo collage: the baby's first year of life, baby's first step, the child playing sport, back to school, etc. If you haven't made a photo collage before below are some of the ideas and tips you can find helpful.

Collage as a Personalizes Photo Gift

A nice picture collage can become a unique gift which will revive the most precious memories in one custom display. Create an impressive personalized picture collage to send as a gift to those you love together with your best wishes through a greeting card by email. Whether you are telling the story of your wedding day, displaying all your favorite memories from the family event or just focusing on the changes that have taken place in your life, using a photo collage creator software, along with picture collage and scrapbook ideas, you can easily make a photo collage that will showcase your happiest memories.

Family Tree Photo Collage

For young generations it might be interesting to trace their family genealogy and create a family tree. While researching your family history you can find out your roots. The classic family tree covers over 80 generations. By the way, the longest family tree in the world is the tree of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC). If you don't feel like digging so far you can make a simple family tree photo collage that will include your ancestors of several generations.

Wall Photo Collage

If there is a big empty wall in your house you need to decorate consider making a large photo collage. All you need to do is just hang all your framed photo collages, posters and pictures on one wall.

Facebook Photo Collage

If you want all your friends and relatives see your photos and photo collages make sure you use Facebook. This social network will enable you to communicate with your friends and classmates, as well as share your photos in your Facebook album or on the Facebook Wall. Plus, you can always keep in touch with all your buddies.