Must-Have Wedding Photos

Wedding Photo -

Planning the wedding of your dream make sure you compile your wedding photo short list that will include all important and most romantic moments from the celebration. Below are some photo ideas that will help you create the moments you might want to include in your wedding album to cherish for a lifetime.

Preparing for the Event

It would be fun to see both sides preparing for the ceremony, so there must be photos of the guys doing their ties up and the girls zippering up their gowns.

Bridal Accessories

Ask the photographer to make the portrait with accent on small touches, such as hair and jewelry.

The Groom's Accessories

It is really nice to have such a photo. After all, the groom's accessories have been carefully chosen to complement the suit, so why should they be neglected? Make sure you include the photo of the groom's boutonniere.

The Bridal Bouquet

The festive bouquet surely deserves a detailed shot.

The Bridesmaid Bouquets

Ask bridesmaids to pose with their bouquets for a group picture that will remind you about how nice it was sharing your happiness with these close friends.

Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Consider capturing these cute accents for the guys' suits to include in your album.

The Rings

This is a must-have shot that will symbolize your new union.

The Shoe Shot

This fun picture of your shoes (and fun socks!) is sure to draw attention and be remembered.

The Invitation Suite

Many couples just forget about this photo, but it is great to have it.

Welcome Bags

You've spent the time to prepare these cute gifts for your guests so why not to get your photographer to capture them before you give them away.

Bridal Portrait

Your portrait in a wedding gown like those in a fashion magazine will make you feel like a real model.

The First Look

In addition to having the picture the first look when the bride covers her groom's eyes that has become a new classic consider adding the photo when the others, including your mom and dad, see you.

Preceremony Notes

Let the photographer capture the moment when you are getting ready to say your vows.

The Bridal Party

The shot of the bridal party will capture the personalities of your friends and family. Also consider making bridal party solos to arrange in a creative collage of everyone's portraits.

Bride in Action

The timeless classic: a black-and-white shot where the bride is swishing her dress or the veil is blowing in the wind is extremely romantic.

A Dramatic Shot

Several artsy or dramatic shots will be a beautiful and surely memorable addition to your wedding album.

Must-Have Wedding Photos -
The Wedding Party Kids

If there are kids at your wedding ceremony, make sure your photographer take their picture as well. When they grow up, it will be so sweet to see them so small and cute.

The Aisle Walk

The solemn moment of your aisle walk accompanied by the dearest person in your life is surely dramatic and eye-watering.

Groom at the End of the Altar

The expression of the groom's face as he is waiting for the bride deserves a separate shot.

Your Furry Friend

Ask your photographer to get shots of the accessories your pets wear for the event.

Ceremony Decor

Don't forget to make shots of festive décor that add so much beauty to your special event.

We Did It!

This is a must have in an album and is typically one of the most loved.

Make it Legal

After you said "I do" you legally become married and the document that proves it should be in focus as well.

Environmental Pictures

If you have an outdoor ceremony make sure your photographer takes shots of the entire space, including the nature as the backdrop and the sky to reveal the whole setting for your wedding. Wedding Photos -

In-Between Moments

Very often the small moments between the key ones make the best pictures.

Reception Tables and Decor

Get your photographer to capture all the decorative details of your reception before the guests arrive.

The Food

The food nicely decorated and delicious is worth snapping as well.

Your Wedding Cake

It is the centerpiece of your wedding and the picture of this masterpiece of the culinary art must be made before it is served to the guests.

Your Musicians

They entertained you and your party all night long so the image of the band should be included in your album as well.

Your First Dance

The photos of your first dance as well as the mother-son dance are classic but still very emotional.

Aerial Shot

If it is possible get your photographer to make a shot of the celebrations from above for a unique perspective.

The Favors

The wedding favors as your way of saying thank you for sharing the happiness of your most special day are a fun finish to your album.

The Exit

An all time favorite "just married" shot is a great way to end your album.

The Getaway

Or you may include a good-bye shot as your final photo finishing the story of your wedding.