7 Steps to Create the Perfect Cinema-Style Wedding

If you and your loved one share an unrequited love for the cinema, you should consider celebrating with a cinema-styled wedding. Or possibly you two shared your first kiss or date at the theater, why not try out a different and unexpected wedding style? No matter the reason, your guests are sure to thoroughly enjoy the fancy dress and entertaining decor a styled wedding has to offer. Plus, a cinema-style wedding is perfectly accommodating for both a grand guest list or smaller more intimate ceremony. Below you will find seven steps to help you create your dream cinema wedding.

7 Steps to Create the Perfect Cinema-Style Wedding - cuttingedgevideo.net

7) Wedding Invitation Admission Tickets

To set the stage for your wedding, your save the dates or wedding invitations can be done in the style of theatre admission tickets. You can create retainable tickets with your guests' seating chart table number on them, so they know exactly where to sit when the day arrives. This is a great way to knock out two birds with one stone. Admission tickets also clue your guests into the theme of your wedding which allows them to start gathering together appropriate attire.

6) Cinema-Styled Engagement Photography

Select a movie that you and your partner both love and then together work with your photographer to reenacted your favorite moments from the film. Put your own spin on the scenes so that they are truly original. Your friends and family will cherish these unique photos for a lifetime.

5) Concession-Styled Cocktail Hour

Instead of serving traditional wedding horderves, try serving concession-style finger foods. Personalized monogrammed candies or popcorn would be a perfect fit. People don't just love these snacks at the movies. They will not only rave about your yummy treats but they will also remember how one of a kind your cocktail hour was.

4) Red Carpet Entrance

Your family and friends will feel like glamorous movie stars when they enter your wedding venue on a red carpet aisle runner. Plus, a red carpet and custom back drop offer the perfect photo opportunity for not only your guests but your wedding party as well. You can really make your mark by customizing the red carpet back drop with your wedding date and initials.

7 Steps to Create the Perfect Cinema-Style - cuttingedgevideo.net

3) Themed Wedding Cake

Put a spin on the original floral wedding cake by creating an innovative cinema cake instead. You can color the cake white, gray or even gold with little stars, film strips and reels as decoration. The more you customize the cake to coincide with the theme the more your celebration will come to life.

2) Pre Ceremony Film Reel

To really play on your cinema theme, you can create a film reel or slideshow to play before your ceremony begins. You can either play the reel as your guests are sitting or before you take center stage walking down the aisle. Viewing your love on the big screen will really help build up the anticipation for your big moment. If you choose to create a silent film, you can replay the reel during your reception for an eye catching backdrop as some of your guests may have missed the photos the first time around. A silent reel is guaranteed to not interfere with your reception's music.

1) Original Centerpieces

Hosting a styled wedding is perfect for creating out of the box decor. You can really go crazy when it comes to decorations and centerpieces. Instead of plain flowers in the middle of each table, you can set out film reels or director chart bases for magnificent floral arrangements to sit atop of. You can even take it a step further by painting the reels or charts to match your specific wedding colors. These simple and non tacky wedding decor touches will absolutely help in bringing your dream cinema wedding to life.