The History of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography's evolution almost identically parallels the development and progression of photographic technology. Since the discovery of photography in the nineteenth century, newlyweds have been imprinting their silhouettes onto paper of bitumen, capturing special moments with black and white long exposure film, and presently re-living moments that are kept by digital zeros and ones. Fun Fact, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria were the first couple to pose for a camera in 1840 which set the trend of newlyweds posing before or after their wedding ceremony to capture their special day.

The History of Wedding Photography -

However, it was not until the end of the nineteenth century that photographers popularly began to be hired on for weddings to capture the couple's lovely wedding attire of special suit and dress. Due to the restrictive advancements of technology at the time, couples would typically have to travel to the photographer's studio to capture their big day. As photographic equipment became more portable through innovative advancements photographers were able to live shoot weddings at the venue itself.

Towards the beginning of the twentieth century, further technological advancements were made that allowed a photographer to take more than one photo. Exposure times were able to be reduced along with the simplification of the photographic process. All of this meant that newlyweds could try out different poses for optional photos and their whole wedding party could photographed as well, which gave birth to the tradition of creating a wedding album.

Photography was forever changed with the technological inventions of the film reel and the flashbulb. These two advancements go hand in hand as now photographers could finally take multiple photographs anywhere they desired with good lighting which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Thus, photographers begun capturing the entire wedding day with no special moment or event missed. This tradition is still presently practiced, as everyone wants to remember the most sacred day of their lives.

As the twentieth century merged into the twenty first century, the popularity of wedding photography and even wedding videography steadily increased. With the modern times among us, there is a higher demand for professional photography which not only increased competition but also allowed for a divergent variety of photographic styles to emerge.