What to Wear on Camera

What to Wear on Camera - cuttingedgevideo.net

Lights can be hot and bright and the camera may feel intimidating. You don't want to worry whether you pick the right outfit for your on camera interview or your big presentation. With high definition technology, it's important to look your best so here are a few tips when choosing on-screen attire.


Bright yellow colors, as they tend to reflect light.

Don't wear solid black suits as a make you look small and absorb light.

Don't wear fabrics that are too narrow or stripes or complicated patterns as they look chaotic on camera.

Don't wear short sleeve dress shirts or sleeveless blouses as they look informal and distract from your face.

Don't wear shiny jewelry or accessories as they reflect the light back into the lens.


Wear blue, gray, pink or beige colors.

Wear medium colored suit light blue, dark blue, gray or brown.

Dress in a fabric that can breathe easily under hot lights.

Bring several wardrobe choices in case the first does not do well on camera.

Choosing the right outfit for your on-screen debut may seem overwhelming but following this list should help you get started in the right direction.